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Free Samples from Emerge as Students Learn Virtually or in the Classroom
Below, fill out a short form to access 11 free assignments from Emerge, our 100% online program that teaches communication skills for employability, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The assignments below cover email etiquette, life skills and LinkedIn profile creation.

Total teaching time: 10-15 hours

Each assignment comes with reading material, a lesson plan and a rubric.

The assignments are as follows:

Email Etiquette
- How to improve everything you write in three minutes
- How to write with your bottom line up front
- How to add layers to your writing
- How to remove pronouns
- At the end, students will receive an Email Etiquette digital badge

Life Skills 101
- How to email your teacher and ask for a reference letter
- How to email your teacher and ask about a poor grade
- How to sign your name in cursive

Create a LinkedIn Profile
- How to take a quality headshot
- How to write a professional headline
- How to write a profile summary
- How to write about work experience
- At the end, students will receive a Social Media Marketing digital badge

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