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Bezawit Abate, 10th Grade

Potomac Senior High School
Prince William County Schools
Dumfries, VA
Teacher: Ms. Eula Tillar

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Subject line: Update on FBLA Club
Dear Ms. Tillar,

Good Morning.

I hope this email finds you well. As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2023, I wanted to provide you with a brief update on the progress of our team.

During this quarter, we have made significant strides in achieving our goals, including:

- Developing a new product line that has been approved for launch by the end of Q2.

- Increasing customer engagement and retention by 15% through the implementation of a new customer loyalty program.

- Streamlining our internal processes, resulting in a 10% reduction in overhead costs.

Moving forward, we plan to focus on the following aims for Q2:

- Launching the new product line and promoting it.

- Expanding our customer base by targeting new markets through partnerships and outreach.

- Implementing recent technology tools to automate and perfect our business processes.

To view a more detailed report of our progress and plans, please visit the link provided here.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Bezawit Abate

Sophomore, Potomac Senior High School
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I was a member of a community service club in Ethiopia that aims to help families who were affected by a natural disaster. The club has been active for several years and has helped many families in the past. 

However, in the past year, the club's efforts were hampered by the pandemic, which made it difficult to gather volunteers and fundraise.
Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we were determined to continue our mission. 

We realized that we needed to come up with a new strategy to raise funds and gather volunteers in a safe and socially distant manner. The club's president appointed me as the head of a special committee tasked with finding a solution to this challenge.

To tackle this challenge, I decided to conduct research on effective virtual fundraising and volunteer recruitment strategies. I also reached out to other similar clubs and organizations to gather insights and ideas.

After several weeks of research, I came up with a comprehensive plan that involved using social media to promote the club's mission, setting up an online donation platform, and partnering with local businesses to organize a virtual charity event.

The plan was implemented, and within a month, our club was able to raise $10,000 through online donations and the virtual charity event. The club's social media following also grew significantly (500 new followers), resulting in an increase in volunteer applications (25 new applicants).

The club's members were impressed with my problem-solving skills and praised me for my efforts. The club's president even appointed me as the head of a new committee that would focus on developing innovative strategies to overcome future challenges.

Tucker Brookman, 12th Grade

Lord Botetourt High School
Botetourt County Public Schools
Daleville, VA
Teacher: Ms. Katrina Kish

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Subject line: January summary for Accounting Project
Hi Mr. Cook,

Good morning.

As we just started the month of February, I would like to pass along three updates from January and what I plan to work on for the project in the coming month.

- I got all the group members together to discuss and lay out a plan for how we wanted to approach the project.

- I shadowed one of Mr. Turner’s classes multiple times.

- I learned useful information and new tactics that I am proud to add to this project.

- I also sat with Mr. Harless and he taught me the basic functions of AccountingPro3000, the class’ online accounting software.

As we look ahead to February and March, I hope to work more with Mr. Turner so I can improve my knowledge to produce the best product.

- I would also like to sit down with Mr. Harless to better understand BankingPro6000, the class banking simulator.

- Finally, I would enjoy sitting down with other groups to discuss the projects so we could help each other by bringing different ideas and viewpoints together.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


-Tucker Brookman

Senior, Lord Botetourt High School
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It seemed to just be another day at the golf course.
It had rained earlier in the day, but other than that it was a beautiful summer day.

I was sitting in the pro shop talking to customers when the phone rang. A golfer was calling to inform me that their golf cart was stuck. This isn’t out of the ordinary, as the golf carts sometimes get stuck especially when it is wet.

I asked another employee to watch inside the pro shop so I could set out to help get the cart unstuck. When I approached the situation I realized that it was worse than I anticipated.

The cart was stuck in a mud-filled ditch and wasn’t able to be driven out. My mind raced with possible solutions.

First, I wanted to try all possibilities that would be efficient and not result in the cart getting damaged. I tried to manually pull the cart out of the ditch. This was unsuccessful as the slope was too slippery for just one person to pull it out.

Next, I asked the customer in the cart to press the gas as I helped pull the cart out. After a few trials and attempts this was successful.

The cart was successfully dislodged and without any damage. The customers were delighted with the help and continued their round of golf.

Ivory Carney, 12th Grade

Allen Village School
Kansas City, Missouri 
Teacher: Dr. Terri Redden

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Subject line: July summary for Give Big Hearts Project

Hi Mrs, Robertson,

Good morning.

Now that July is coming to an end, here are three updates about the Give Big Hearts Project. Also included are my plans for an Annual fundraiser in September.

- I organized the list of venue contacts for the Give Big Hearts Foundation.
- I shadowed Mr. Johnson today to visit a Tech Corporation for a client visit.
- Ms. Jefferson taught me how to establish a business plan, and she taught me the basics of being a nonprofit organizer.

As we look ahead to August and September, I hope to work on the following:

- Assist in the planning for the mini foundation on August 15th.

- Work with Mr. Williams to better understand how to help employees with the company’s nonprofit.

- Help with social media posts that showcase “day in the life” content from different employees.

If you have questions, please let me know.


– Ivory Carney
Junior, Allen Village High School
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The day has started, my team and I have been preparing for the 34th anniversary of Give Big Hearts Nonprofit Foundation. 

This year we are working extra hard to hold a charity marathon run, which has over 500 runners. Everything was going great until it started to rain, ruining almost everything. 

As the team leader, I found a new indoor track venue. I was able to notify all the runners, donors, and everyone else just before the event. 

With two hours to spare, we had a wonderful event. The Give Big Hearts Nonprofit Foundation was able to raise important money to support the cause.

Sameer Eppanapally, 12th grade

Stockdale High School
Kern High School District
Bakersfield, California
Teacher: Mr. Brian Devitt

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Subject line: January recap and coming months planning
Hi Mr. Devitt,

Good morning.

As February has just begun, I wanted to update you on three items that I worked on in January, as well as what I plan to do for your team at Acme Corporation in the coming months.

- I organized the list of executive contacts that communicated interest in partnerships at the investor’s gala. I organized their contact information based on market sectors.

- I shadowed Dr. Bazmi when he had a meeting with the Goldman Sachs representatives regarding our investment portfolio. I wrote a recap of the experience here.

- I sat with Ms. Srivastava and learned the basic functions for our company organizational database.

As February and March approach, I hope to work on:

- The acquisition process of Hershey’s Incorporated with Mr. Khosravi.

- Work with Mr. Sanchez to better understand the company benefit’s process.

- Help with finance projections for the 3rd and 4th quarter.

If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know.


– Sameer Eppanapally
Senior, Acme High School
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My troop decided to embark on a fifteen-mile backpacking trip through the Mojave Desert as part of our troop tradition. All was going well until suddenly I realized we had followed the wrong heading, which set us 10 miles off track.
I made splints, wraps, and bandages for the wounds using my first aid training and utilized the nature around me for resources. I then concentrated my efforts on water and food, ensuring that we kept track of how much we had consumed and how much we still had.

Finally, I diverted our path and delegated three "checkers" to keep track of our steps and heading as I led the troop.

In my troop, the honor rock was passed down from generation to generation for the person who led by example and performed at the highest level when called upon. 

As I walked up to receive it, I realized that I can persevere through any challenge life throws at me.

Violet Gude, 10th Grade

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts
Clark County School District
Las Vegas, Nevada
Teacher: Ms. Elizabeth Strehl

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Subject line: Update on my progress

Good afternoon, Ms.Rossburg.

As we begin work for the month of February, I am updating you on what has been accomplished so far and the plans I have for your team at Acme Corporation in the upcoming month as well.

- I made a chart on sales rate of the past year to refer to for the upcoming sales calendar.

- I worked with Ms. Smith on the company’s graphic design platform.
I went through and reorganized last month’s new files.

As we look ahead, I am planning to work on:

- Promoting Acme corporation through social media presence

- Assist in the planning of the spring event

- Work on next month’s sales calendar

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Violet Gude
Sophomore, Las Vegas Academy
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Starting my eighth-grade year online and amidst a pandemic, I certainly was not at my best nor filled with much motivation. Everything I’d been looking forward to was canceled; school trips, plays, and many events.
So when my teacher reached out to me asking me to run for a leadership position in Thespians, at first I said no, I knew there would be many limitations and didn’t feel ready to take it on. 

But whilst attending the online elections I chose at the last minute to run for treasurer, without having a speech prepared, and got the position. Now I just had to figure out what ways we could keep the club successful during the pandemic.

There wasn’t much to start with: all the fundraisers we’d done in the past were no longer an option. I started by doing lots of research on what sorts of online fundraising could be done. I led Zoom meetings with my team, helping guide them through my findings and assigning tasks to help get us somewhere.

I called businesses to see who would be willing to assist and how we could set up a fundraiser. I tried many different events: organized drives to find things we could sell online, profit shares with restaurants, online events, and more. I noted what worked, what didn’t, and what should be changed.

By the end of the year I had held many successful fundraising events, making our club profit. Unlike other clubs that disappeared during the pandemic, ours remained consistent throughout the year and I had a great experience that allowed me to learn and make connections working with others, even through online school.

Lucy Hansen, 11th Grade

Boone High School
Boone Community School District
Boone, Iowa
Teachers: Ms. Lindsey Hyman and Ms. Amy Bossard

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Subject line: February Summary

Hi Jennifer,

Good morning.

- As we just started the month of March, I’m passing along three updates from February and what I plan to work on for your team at Boone County Chamber in the month ahead.

- I created a business LinkedIn account for the Chamber, along with following surrounding businesses on all social media platforms, to increase engagement.

- I located pictures of businesses and locations in the town to replace the stock images on the website. After I found the images I edited and cropped them to fit and look perfect in the website frames. I then gained access to the website and went in and replaced the stock images.

- I created a Google form for the Main Street event happening Boone. I put all of the information that was given to me by Jennifer, and made it so the form was visually appealing.

As we look ahead to March and April, I hope to work on the following:

- Assist in planning the Omelet breakfast, and create a marketing plan for the event.

- Work alongside Jennifer in creating advertisements on both Instagram and Facebook.

- Help with social media posts that showcase businesses around the Boone area, and their content from current things going on.

If you have questions, please let me know.


– Lucy Hansen
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A big event happened, showing off all the new furniture, but no furniture ever came in.
For months, my team and I had prepared for the annual Furniture Showcase, in which people from around the world came to observe and buy. We had the area all prepared and set up for the new furniture that was supposed to be coming in. Then, we get a text message from the trucking company saying they had a delay in the drive to drop off the furniture.

As a problem solver, I instantly took action. I notified all 250 guests about the delay and worked alongside the trucking company directly to make sure anything else changed.

After a setback, the Showcase still took place and all 250 guests arrived. We ended up having one of the largest sales we’ve ever had. We sold 215 furniture pieces out of the 230 we had in store.

Madison Hansen, 12th Grade

Littleton Health Sciences
Littleton Public Schools
Littleton, Colorado
Teacher: Ms. Heidi Mahn

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Subject line: January Summary for TBC Marketing

Hi Ms. Mullen,

Good Morning.

As we just started the month of February, I'm passing along three updates from January and what I plan to work on for your team at TBC occasions in the month ahead.

- The January photo shoot at the warehouse was a success and the photos and videos will be sent over from the photographer and videographer within the next two weeks.

- We shadowed Sherri Hill at the January pageant show. I created a spreadsheet of new dresses to order and create marketing content for.

- We found a new sponsor that wants to put on the February photoshoot for us and we signed the new sponsor contract.

As we look ahead to February and March, I hope to work on:

- Planning the dress, hair, and makeup looks for the February photoshoot and finding a hair and makeup artist.

- Working with Annabelle to create Tik-Toks of new dresses and share them on all social media platforms.

- Doing a day in the life of a pageant girl at the Jovani trunk show in February.

If you have questions, please let me know.


-Madison Hansen
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It was the busiest of day of the year, Mother's Day.
For months, our barista team had been marketing and preparing for our biggest promotion of the year on Mother’s Day. This promotion was one of a kind so it was being shown on many social media platforms as well as the news. 

The day had come, and we were all set to “buy 1 get 2 free” coffee when suddenly the machine stopped working as our day was beginning. Suddenly the broken machine began spewing coffee grounds everywhere threatening to ruin this whole fundraiser.

We all jumped into action because of everything that was on the line for that day. As I was one of the more experienced baristas, I began setting up our backup espresso bar to get drinks going again. In the meantime, I organized other employees to talk with customers who had already ordered, seeing if there was a coffee-less drink we could make as well as passing out free drink cards for their patients.

 During this process, a lady came to the register demanding a refund as she was already late for work. I was able to calm her down and personally made her order quickly while also providing a refund for her inconvenience.

A few hours later, we were able to completely fix our main espresso machine while still using the back espresso bar to get our orders out as fast as possible. More and more people began rushing in for our unique coffee and stayed for the games and a raffle we had set up.

The increase in business even caught the attention of the news, highlighting our ability to satisfy customers and raise money despite machine malfunctions. I'm so glad I was a part of this event and able to use these challenges to improve my grit and perseverance.

Laurengail Lorenz, 12th Grade

Elk River Senior High School
Independent School District 728
Elk River, Minnesota
Teacher: Mr. Matt Stueber

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Subject line: Update for monthly project

Hello Mr. Stueber,

Here is the update for my monthly project:

- All necessary data is collected.

- The presentation is in progress.

- All the project photos are taken and uploaded to Google Drive.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,

Laurengail Lorenz

Senior, Elk River High School
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When Collaboration Transforms Conflict into Tolerance - Culture Shift Happens
What do you do when your classmates are negative to the point of harassment but you still are committed to learning a topic you love? I had to choose between quitting my dream of working in manufacturing or coming up with a new way to resolve the negativity and protect myself from harassment.

In my junior year of high school, I was the only girl in my engineering class. The boys in the class all talked down to me and treated me differently than they would each other. I worked with my school counselor and my teacher to find a way to reinforce an attitude of respect during class.

It worked, I could focus. I worked hard without all the interruptions and started to enjoy my class. For each station, I had the highest marks. The boys in the class gained respect for me and stopped talking down to me. Instead they talked to me as their equal.

I decided to follow my dreams and applied for an internship at Metal Craft as a machinist intern. During my internship, I applied my strategy of collaboration and asked for help from my supervisors and management to help resolve any negative situations. I believe everyone enjoyed the more positive environment in my high school classes and at my internship.

Bryleena Patterson, 12th Grade

Central High School
Phenix City Schools
Phenix City, Alabama
Teacher: Mrs. Valerie Thornton

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Subject line: Science fair project plan

Hi Ms. Courson.

Good morning.

As the deadline for the science fair approaches, I would like to share my updates and explain what I plan to do:

I have created a hypothesis that the students will be anxious about being on stage, which will affect their memory.

I have figured out how to get my data which is observing students giving a presentation in front of a big audience.

I plan on surveying students in our class and questioning them individually.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Bryleena Patterson
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[student phone number]

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During one volleyball season, my volleyball club was in a tournament. In the championship match, everything was normal.
A few minutes later our setter sprained her ankle. Setters are the most important people on a volleyball team. They lead the team and set up offensive plays so that hitters can hit. I was the backup setter. 

I was nervous because I knew that I was going to be in charge on the court.

At first I was making a lot of mistakes and my frustration was rubbing off on my team. I realized this and I started being more positive toward my teammates. We started having fun and the mistakes were going away. 

We didn’t win but we had fun.

Rosemary Ruan, 10th Grade

Northwest Guilford High School
Guilford County Schools
Greensboro, North Carolina
Teacher: Mrs. Chandra James

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Subject line: January Summary for Vision Boards

Hi Mrs. James,

Good afternoon.

We’ve wrapped up the first month of January and I wanted to relay a summary of what I’ve done, as well as my goals for the coming month at Acme Corporation.

- I brainstormed ideas for the 2023 year and what I would like to improve. I took notes on what went right and wrong in 2022 and what I can do to become the best version of myself.

- I browsed through magazines to look for images and words that represented my goals.

- I created my vision board: healthy foods, nature, organization, and reading more. The words I chose were life, family and passion.

Looking on to February and March, I will be focusing on taking Acme Corporation to the next level. As an intern these are my goals.

- I’d like to work with the company’s social media accounts and how to expand our reach.

- I want to create more interesting posts and spread Acme’s name.

- I’d also like to help plan the job fair Acme Corp is sponsoring and how to make it successful.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.


-Rosemary Ruan
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[student phone number]

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The school day was halfway over and 4th period was about to begin.

The GCS orchestra festival that our school was hosting was going well so far. I was signed up to volunteer that period so I walked to the lobby. The other members of my team were already sitting at the table.

Soon, Northwest School of the Arts had arrived in their activity bus, but to our shock, they began bringing their stuff into the lobby. Our teacher had specifically told us that no instrument cases were to be allowed in the school and they had to unpack on the bus.

My team and I communicated with the teacher politely to ask her if she would bring her students back to the bus so none of their things would be lost or damaged. She was confused at first but every went right on time.

The students made it back to get to their rehearsal slot and performed afterwards. The entire festival was a success with all the school orchestras happy with our service.

Clara Sanchez-Lapitan, 12th Grade

Advanced Technology Center
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Teacher: Ms. Anna-Lisa Wanack

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Subject line: December Summary for Questbridge Match Scholarship

Hi Mrs. Wagley,

Good morning.

As we just started January, I am passing along two updates from December and what documents I will soon be requesting from you in regards to my Questbridge Match Scholarship.

In my last summary email, I notified you that after submitting my Questbridge Match Scholarship application, I had been selected as a Questbridge Match Scholarship finalist. I informed you that each finalist would soon get their scholarship application sent to 13 colleges of their choice from the list of Questbridge’s 50 college partners. My top three college picks were The University of Virginia, Rice University, and Claremont-Mckenna College.

I am ecstatic to inform you that as of December 1st, I was matched to Rice University: a private university in the heart of Houston, Texas. Rice granted me a full four-year scholarship that will pay for tuition, room and board, some basic fees and an allowance for books. If you would like to read my acceptance letter, it is linked here.

Attached to this email, I have attached a Financial Aid Letter that contains my estimated financial aid that I will be receiving each semester. A final Financial Aid Letter will be sent out during the summer when the cost of tuition for the upcoming year is set in stone. I will immediately forward that information to you when I receive it.

As we look ahead to February and the end of the school year, the Rice Office of Admission is requesting these documents:

With the fall 2022-2023 semester coming to a close, the Rice Office of Admission has requested my mid-year transcript. This document cannot be sent through email, so I have requested a transcript order on Parchment. The transcript is not due until February 10th, so please complete the order at your convenience.

An end-of-year transcript will also be requested. Would you please notify me when end-of-year transcripts are available for order? Thank you in advance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you for all of your help in my college and scholarship search process.

-Clara Sanchez-Lapitan
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[student phone number]

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My first time volunteering at a Fresh Food Wednesday event, I was overly excited. I was excited to help my community and work alongside others who enjoyed making a positive impact on people as much as I do.
That day started off sprinkling with a forecast of constant sprinkle throughout the day. However, Virginia weather had different plans in mind. At 4 p.m. when I arrived at Scott Memorial Church, the downpour started and it was not stopping. Nonetheless, families still needed food to eat.

As volunteers began to arrive, we all kept a positive attitude because there were still at least 300 cars lined up and ready to receive goods. Fellow student volunteers were working alongside me and I realized one did not have a coat. She had assumed the volunteering would be indoors.

Luckily, I was prepared for the cold, rainy weather and wore two coats. When we got a slight break between cars, I lent her one of my coats. She couldn’t thank me enough for she only had a t-shirt on.

From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., we all danced in the rain as we handed out food. I will never forget this volunteer experience. I was glad to make a lasting impact on my community and connect with such high spirits. I would recommend others to seek volunteer opportunities in their community.

The selflessness of volunteering can bring so much joy to many people’s lives.

Yug Sarin, 9th Grade

Fuquay-Varina High School IT Academy
Wake County Public School System
Cary, North Carolina
Career Academy Coordinator: Ms. Rhonda Lusher

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Subject line: 1st Quarter Report For Acme Corporation

Hello Mr. Johnson,

Good Afternoon.

The month of May has just begun, which means the first quarter is over. I am sending you three updates and the plans moving forward for the next quarter.

I have compiled all of the business deals and sales we have gotten this quarter, and we have made $250. This spreadsheet contains all of the business deals and sales we have gotten this quarter. Our sales have increased about 22% from the last quarter.

We have had a lot of computer issues, such as computers not working and software crashing so we have made a new team that deals with computers and how to troubleshoot them.

The plan for the next quarter is to:

-Get more investors to invest in our company

-Hire new employees because we are getting short on employees and therefore hopefully increase sales

-Use social media to help get more investors and sales, for example creating accounts Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


– Yug Sarin
[student email address]
[student phone number]

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I looked in the storage room. It was empty.

It was December 24th, the day before Christmas and we were going to give out a ton of food. However, as I got to the food bank I saw that the tables were not ready yet. I ran inside and saw my friend and asked him why the tables were empty. He said to go to the storage room and I ran there and saw that there was almost no food there. If we didn’t fix this problem then many people might go hungry before Christmas.

I quickly called the company that was supposed to deliver the food. They said the truck that was supposed to deliver all the food, had a flat tire and had to call a tow truck to move. I quickly told half of the volunteers to set up the tables and the other half to come with me. I saw we had around an hour left until people started to come so I told everyone to run to the mechanic shop that had the truck in it. It was 2 miles away.

We got there with around 30 minutes to spare and quickly grabbed all the food out of the truck and ran all the way back to the food bank. We were around 5 minutes late but we saw that not a lot of people had come yet. We quickly started distributing the food.

After we had distributed the food I had estimated that we had distributed the food to around 100 families.

Alondra Sanjurjo-Mercado, 11th Grade

Colonial Heights High School
Colonial Heights Public Schools
Colonial Heights, Virginia
Teacher: Ms. Susannah Oates

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Subject line: Update on Crucible Project

Hi Ms.Creasy,

Good morning.

As we just started the new unit of the Salem Witch Trials, I am passing along three updates from my Project Outline and what I plan to work on for the final project regarding my character Mary Warren by next week.

- I organized all the links I used for research to be put in MLA format on my works cited page.

- I designed my title page and the structure of my slide presentation to make up an overall theme.

- I organized a study date with a group of classmates to meet up at the library and work on gathering information.

As we near the official due date and presentations, I hope to:

- Add a couple of interesting/fun facts about my character to make it entertaining

- Finalize my Works Cited

- Memorize my script on how I will present to the class

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.


– Alondra Sanjurjo Mercado
[student email address]
[student phone number]

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It was a regular day at school, everything was set in stone for our group project. All we had to do was meet up after school ended and design our final piece on a poster.
I walked into the library to see my group at one of the back tables. I was so happy because everyone actually showed up, but that wasn’t the case, my eyes were deceiving me. Everyone was there EXCEPT for our tool suppliers. The one person that was responsible for providing the poster paper and all the writing utensils. I was furious for a minute or two because that meant we couldn’t do the project anymore and the person literally had one job, ONE JOB, but obviously it was deemed difficult for them.

After I calmed down, I realized that we couldn’t just sit there and reschedule a day to work on it or else the assignment would have been late. I told everyone to gather up our data and print it out and put it in an orderly fashion so that when I came back with all of our supplies all we have to do is paste it on and color.

I left when everything was situated and went out in my car and drove to our local Walmart and bought all of the necessary supplies. I went back to the library we got to working and eventually finished the project to turn in first thing in the morning. Although it hurt my personal pockets a little bit, the whole project was a success.

Mickala Tenn, 12th Grade

Putnam City North High School
Putnam City Schools
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Teacher: Ms. Amanda Davis

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Subject line: Update on my progress

Hello Mrs Davis,

Good morning.

We’re entering the month of March and in Fashion Design we are currently working on learning how to use the sewing machine. Our recent assignment was sewing through paper and what tools to use while sewing.

The beginning of the week, we first learned how to thread the machine. 

After finishing my current assignments I asked if there was anything else you would like for me to do which was helping other students who needed help.

As March approaches I am overly excited to work on:

- The tote bag assignment.

- Learning how to properly stitch things together.

- To continue helping other students if in need.

If there are any concerns please let me know.

Thank you,

- Mickala Tenn
[student email address]
[student phone number]

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I am currently a fast food worker at Burger King. In November of 2021 the company decided to do a dollar Whopper and our store is considered one of the busiest stores in the metropolitan area.

On the day of a dollar Whopper our store was very busy, but unfortunately we only had drive thru and 4 workers. With there only being 4 workers, a very amazing deal and long lines this scenario caused customers to become very angry as we tried our hardest to get cars out the drive-thru and keep customers happy.

We did not want to provide cold food, which can cause more people to become angry. That was one of the hardest days while working there.
That day challenged me and showed me that I was a very hard worker and I could overcome plenty of difficulties.

Ana Vaeao, 11th Grade

Oceanside High School
Oceanside Unified School District
Oceanside, California
Teacher: Ms. Kim Roy

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Subject line: Dental Drive

Good Evening, Ms. Roy.

As you know, Oceanside Health Academy is hosting a free dental cleaning/screening opportunity for our high school students this Thursday February 9, 2023. The following is a list of updates pertaining to our preparation of this event.

- Quad Outreach: tables were set up in common area during lunch to advertise the event with free toothbrushes at hand for those returning SIGNED permission slips Classroom Outreach: announcements and reminders were made by volunteers to further recruit more students for appointments.

- Scheduling: coordinators scheduled appointments based on the time preference of the student and were prioritized for their time based on the status of their permission slip being turned in or not.

- Assignment: volunteers were each assigned to about 2 periods worth of time in pairs of 2, giving them equal opportunity to get at least an hour added to the hours earned through general participation.

- Sign In + Runner Positions: one volunteer will be a “runner” while the other is signing students in and out of their appointment.

I am confident that because of the teamwork and dedication put into making this a reality, our event will turn out a success and many students will get the dental care they need!

I’d love to answer any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have regarding this process.

Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Best regards,

Ana Vaeao
[student email address]
[student phone number]

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More often than not, living in a low-income ethnic household often meant little to no resources pertaining to concepts like proper diet and regular exercise. With little access to decent grocery stores with affordable prices on the more healthier options or medical insurance that wasn’t out of budget, it’s become easy for many households to fall victim to a mindset that healthy lifestyles were made for those who could pay for it.
As a result of this ideology, many members of my own family unfortunately experienced multitudes of health-related issues that have costed some of their lives like that of my older brother and my dad’s younger brother who unfortunately passed on due to heart failure; even my family members who are currently living with diseases like diabetes have the opportunity to change their lifestyle around still have trouble grasping that idea.

Since I’ve been surrounded by sick family members for the entirety of my life, I’ve thankfully also gotten an early start on my medical experience. While it’s given me much advantage to understand certain procedures like checking vital signs and glucose levels, distributing insulin, and even setting up a patient for dialysis, it’s also put me in very pressuring situations that I had to handle on my own.

An instance that constantly comes to mind where I’ve had to work through the stress is when my aunty, who has severe type 1 diabetes and stage 5 kidney failure, and I were looking after my younger cousin who was about a month old at the time. I was getting the baby ready for his nap and was finishing feeding him when I noticed my aunty profusely sweating and obviously in a lethargic state which meant one thing; her glucose levels were exceedingly low. I immediately set the baby down and ran to look for her sugar monitor.

As I was checking her sugar, I began trying to communicate with her to see how responsive she was. When I began to assess her further while at the same time waiting on a response from her monitor, I concluded that she was in desperate need of something with sugar and fast, and low and behold she had a glucose level of 20. I ran to the refrigerator, poured a cup of juice, and rushed over to her.

At first, I tried offering it to her to see if she would drink it herself, but she began getting aggressive and reluctant to the juice. I was trying my hardest to make sure the baby stayed asleep, however, my aunty’s irritability began to escalate which only made matters more difficult.
After trying to get her to drink the juice, trying so hard to convince her and reason with her,

I realized that it was going to take more than me offering her a drink. I began to worry and was looking all over the house for her phone to call the ambulance but there was no luck in finding it. As reluctant as she was, I knew her life was at stake and I was in no position to
wait for paramedics anyhow.

So, I ultimately came to the decision that if she wasn’t going to take the sugar, I was going to have to make her. I got a popsicle from the freezer, pulled her neck back, and literally pried her mouth open just enough to where she could take a bite out of the popsicle and safely digest it. As she began to get more resistant, it put me in an intense state of fear and worry; nevertheless, somebody’s life was at stake and I had no time to be scared.

I continued to be assertive and continued to coach her through eating the popsicle with the Bomb Pop in one hand while the other was holding her mouth open. After what felt like days, she was able to feed herself and eventually came to and all the while, the baby was sound asleep. I was only 13 years old.

I believe that what makes me a great asset to the medical field is my determination. Regardless of what I’ve continued to face in this life, I will always believe in putting others above yourself and being mindful of those who have less than you. As suffocating as the pressure’s gotten, I’ve continued to try and find a way to make things happen no matter what I’m up against.

Shawn Ye, 9th Grade

Enloe Magnet High School Medical Bioscience Academy
Wake County Public School System
Cary, North Carolina
Career Academy Coordinator: Ms. Benicia Ledford

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Subject line: December summary for Medical Research project

Dear Ms. Smith,

Hello, hope this email finds you well.

As the new year begins, I’ll be updating you on what I’ve completed so far from the month of December and future goals this month for my Medical Research project.

- I researched many different websites that gave me the necessary information for the medical disease I’ll be presenting.

- I made sure that everything I used was a credible source to rely on. Double checking the author and site made sure that it was.

- I began organizing the information into groups where they relate to each other the most. I either took out or added more information if needed.

As January approaches, I hope to work on the following:

- Begin writing the main points for the essay.

- Expand on those points and write out paragraphs with citations.

- Proofread the whole essay and ask peers to help look over it too.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Shawn Ye
[student email address]
[student phone number]

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Time flies by so fast and before I knew it: our project due date was creeping in.
For the past few weeks, my team and I have been working on a really large class project. It required us to film, write speeches and perform an entertaining campaign. We were already in the home stretch of completing the project. But then, that's where I saw it, an unfinished task. Everyone worked so hard to put the project together, but somehow, we all missed the very last task: the special element for our performance.

As the group leader, I notified everyone about this so we gathered together to brainstorm ideas on how to complete the task efficiently and with our best efforts. We first planned out a plot, then assigned everyone to a role (either getting materials or planning details), then rehearsed it many times.

Within a few days, we had the finished product on time and ready to execute.

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